Our Services

We specialise in moving:
Houses • Commercial Buildings • Woolsheds • Granny flats • Movie Sets

In addition we,
Repile houses • Lift houses to develop basement areas and for repiling.

We buy and sell second hand, preloved houses. Check out the following houses for sale in our yard.


How We Can Help…

We have a wide range of project solutions

Foundations matter! We ensure that the foundations for your home are solid. Even if your existing foundations need attention, we can safe proof any rotten piles which may be hidden below the surface, causing uneven foundations, mildew and dampness. We can apply insulation and place polythene on the ground for some houses, in order to resolve these types of issues. Quality foundations require intensive labour, which our team is very skilled and experienced in.

We do the following:

  • Preparation so you can DIY
  • Sell solid old homes with character (Often Rimu)
  • Houses with historical significance
  • Dig until we hit solid ground
  • Fix piles – Often totara piles may be rotting below the surface
  • Earthquake proofing
  • Level uneven surfaces
  • Raising spaces for better positioning

Dismantled and pieced together again.

This once was a two story barn house on a concrete slab foundation (see feature picture on home page). The ground floor walls were cut into sections and then packed onto a trailer. The first floor was relocated onto a wooden foundation/floor. Ground floor packed walls were then erected and the first floor was placed on walls.

Night Move down Te Moana Road.

The new expressway made the 11 metre wide move to our yard in Waikanae from Raumati, that much easier. We had the road to ourselves for this move which made the process less stressful.

From Palmi to Foxton .

The roof from this house was removed to safely get under power wires. The house was cut into a two piece. The roof was put back and the house repiled.