Our experts are here for you every single day! We care about our clients and we do our best to make them happy.

Gary Smith Director/Business Partner

Say kia orana to Gary (aka Gazza)! Gary is a well known local character and is married to Tania Parata, who works for our local Council. He is in touch with his local iwi and is a proud father of a tribe of five. This guy is involved in anything and everything, from social rugby league, coaching and fitness training. He calls himself the Director and is a Business Partner with Ashley Drake (Drakie) who has been a coworker at Gold Coast Building Removals for many years (23 to be exact). He has 30 years experience in the industry and balances hard work with whānau. Gary is a true handy man.

Ashley Drake Director/Business partner

Top of the morning to you! Ashley has an Irish passport believe it or not and has played international sevens for the Cook Islands. Ash is married to Mere Drake and is a proud father of 4. He was guardian to his younger brother in-law. Ash alongside Gary are two of the most hardest working men in Waikanae and their loyalty to the business is evidence of that. Ash is also a Director and Business Partner at Gold Coast Building Removals. Drakie has earnt his respect on the rugby field, now settling for coaching and umpiring positions. This helps him to keep his energy levels up and stay in form.

Rowan Donovan Foreman – Qualified Builder

Ronnie has worked alongside Gary and Ash in the past and he missed them so much he came back! At least we like to think that’s the reason. Our newest past member, but also very experienced Builder, Ronnie is another dedicated family man. His wife Sue Lemmon is a well respected teacher at the local primary schools and they have two children. Because of Ronnie’s background he will be a massive asset to the company in terms of leadership and self management. We are very lucky to get this man back so treat him well.

Bradley Tuttiett Labourer

Meet Brad, our local apprentice and budding house mover photographer. A dedicated employee, he compliments his hard work with an exciting social life of fishing and diving. We try not to laugh too much at his antics, so as to not encourage his wayward sense of humour. His work ethic is strong and he is always willing to show his ability to lift a jack, when needed. Brad has been in the industry for three years and hopefully many more to come. We see huge potential in this hardworking young man as he develops his skills. It is very fitting that he is into trucks, as we have plenty.

Blake Taylor Labourer

Blake is a new addition to the team. He is another hardworking person, who can handle the night moves with ease. He is into Muay Thai (kick boxing) and Motorcross which helps with the nature of the job being quite physically and mentally demanding. Blake shows a keen willingness to learn. He is a fast learner and conscientious worker. The boys believe his work to be very tidy and we see potential in this young man to achieve great things. Blake is interested in developing his knowledge of the building industry.

Kyle Smith Labourer

Kyle is an important member of the team, because he helps to keep his father Gary in line. Kyle is a valued worker because you’ll never hear a word of complaint from him and he is always willing to put in the hard yards. If you look on our facebook page you’ll see Kyle waste deep in cold water with a massive smile on his face because that’s who he is. Always smiling and working hard alongside his Dad Gary. This job isn’t for the faint hearted and he has more than proven his ability to cope with the mud and slush. Whether digging holes, braving the elements, mixing concrete, loading heavy tools, crawling under houses (where there are dead things, I might add) you’ll probably still get a smile out of him.

Jaime Bradbury Secretary/Office contact

Welcome! Jaime is in the office to assist you with your House Removal needs. Jaime has a warm, friendly manner and can take you through your desired goals. Jaime is also a devoted Mother to three children and is married to local skilled Tiler, Daniel Bradbury. She has a background in Management and Sales and has hit the ground running at Gold Coast Building Removals. If Jaime isn’t in the office she is probably at Kāpiti Coast District Council getting consents sorted for the guys or busy running the show. Come in and have a cuppa if you have time to chat. Please feel free to visit the yard and view our houses.