Welcome to Gold Coast Building Removals

Specialist Repiling and House Relocation.

We are always focused on helping you to overcome any project hurdle. We buy and sell second hand houses, which enables customers like yourself to capitalise on your investment.

Whether you are a DIY expert with trade contacts or a natural designer, the possibilities are endless. If it is the family home or an investment property you’re looking at developing, we’ve got the initial stages of the project sorted. Perhaps you’re looking at cost effective home ownership or a personalised character home. We aim to keep the process as simple as possible for you.

What we do

• A legacy of 50+ years shared experience between business partners.

• We buy and sell preloved homes with character.

• Coverage from Wellington to Taupo.

• Expert workmanship and intensive labour.

Our History.

Founded 45+ years ago, our team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professional building removal specialists. We all have a common goal – helping you!

Tony Greig founded this longstanding company in the mid 1970s. The positioning line, “We handle with care” has proven to be an accurate description over the years. T-shirts are still printed today with the famous tongue and cheek phrase, “When you’re the best it’s hard to be modest.” At the time Tony was married to his beloved wife Zelda Greig who sadly passed away in 2003. They relocated and renovated a house back to its former glory in Reikorangi Valley, which stands proudly at Glendoran farm. His home is a credit to his lifelong passion of hardwork and fine workmanship. Tony has three children including his niece, which speaks volumes. His son Blane Greig with wife Simone Greig were also an important part of the company for many years. Blane as a qualified Builder and Director, laboured alongside his uncle Neil Greig who was a Foreman. Tony is often seen driving around Waikanae in his Gold Coast ute with his famous cowboy hat on. He is a real character with a wicked sense of humour, who will be sorely missed. Tony will be remembered for his knowledge and expertise as a businessman. It is with deep respect, that Ashley and Gary continue the Gold Coast Building Removals legacy. The responsibility will be “handled with care.”

Many hardworking characters have been employed at Gold Coast Building Removals and they are renowned for having a work culture full of outgoing and amusing people, contrasted with a focused approach to an intensive workload. Always a lively bunch and out for a good laugh they can certainly put a smile on your face. They have been the backbone for many tradespeople in this town. The company has a reputation for their work hard and play hard mentality. GCBR has included some successful sportsmen over time. Tony himself was a 1966 Commonwealth games bronze medalist. Among other local respected sportspeople, employees have included the talents of an All Black/English rugby representative and International Cook Island Sevens player. This makes sense as the job requires physical fitness and endurance. When workers are asked what they like about GCBR the response is nearly always that the people are fun to work with.

Gary Smith and Ashley Drake have been working for the company for a combined 50+ years and it looks like they will enjoy many more to come thanks to Tony.